NassauSM Personal Income Annuity

Nassau Personal Income Annuity

Build your retirement plan to last a lifetime.

NSRE Personal Income Annuity Brochure Cover

Personal Income Annuity is a single-premium indexed annuity that offers protection from market loss, a 10-year surrender charge period, and lifetime income via a choice of two guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit riders1. It offers a fixed interest account and 10 indexed accounts with index credits linked to the positive performance of two market indices: S&P 500® and the CS Tactical Multi Asset™ Indices. Designed for individuals who seek to benefit from the upside potential of the equity markets without risking loss of principal due to market downturns2, this product may be appropriate for individuals who:

  • Seek control and flexibility within a more conservative investment
  • Are concerned about the long-term effects of market volatility
  • Are looking for guaranteed lifetime retirement income
  • Need to rebalance their overall investment portfolios
  • Want to accumulate money for retirement on a tax-deferred basis
  • Issue ages: 0-80
  • Minimum single premium: $15,000
  • Amounts over $1,000,000 require home office approval
  • Reallocation among accounts is allowed at the end of each segment duration in the 30 days before each contract anniversary
  • Annual 10% free withdrawals available during surrender charge period
  • Tax-deferred accumulation and tax-free transfers between accounts
  • Total Guaranteed Value (TGV) provides a guaranteed minimum value upon surrender, death or annuitization
  • 10-Year surrender charge schedule (varies based on state approval)
  • With index credits tied to the positive performance of each of the indices: S&P 500®, CS Tactical Multi Asset™
  • All index credits for the S&P accounts exclude dividends3
  • One-year S&P 500 with Cap
  • One-year S&P 500 with Participation and Spread Rates
  • One-Year Monthly S&P 500
  • One-Year S&P 500 with Participation Rate
  • Two-year S&P 500 with Participation Rate (not available in NH)
  • Two-year S&P 500 with Cap (not available in NH)
  • Two-year S&P 500 with Participation and Spread Rates (not available in NH)
  • Three-year S&P 500 with Participation and Spread Rates (not available in NH)
  • CS Tactical Multi Asset 1 Year*
  • CS Tactical Multi Asset 2 Year* (not available in NH)
  • Segment duration varies - one year, two year or three year
  • Each account is subject to a Cap, Participation Rate and/or Index Spread

 A Guide on Understanding Indexed Accounts

*May not be available in all states

  • Index credit is never less than 0%
  • No investment loss due to market downturns
  • Interest credited daily, rate is guaranteed for one year

Income Strategy: Today provides a cumulative bonus to the initial Benefit Base4 at the end of year two provided no withdrawals are taken

The bonus % will be:   if guaranteed withdrawals begin in:
30%   Year 1
37.5%   Year 2
45%   Year 3

Income Strategy: Tomorrow provides a guaranteed minimum 14% increase annually to Benefit Base4 for first 10 years or until rider exercise

  • Applies during the surrender period
  • Adjustment may be positive or negative based on the change in the interest rates since contract issue
  • Adjustment will never reduce the surrender value below the total guaranteed value or the single premium. In addition, the adjustment cannot increase the surrender value by more than the maximum amount that the adjustment can decrease the surrender value
  • Seven fixed annuity options
  • Accumulation value applies in all years
  • Death benefit is equal to the greater of the Accumulation Value or the Total Guaranteed Value